maandag 11 augustus 2008

Simone Buiting starts competition 2009 preparation

To become a champion you have to prepair yourself a long time before the contest, Simone starts today with the preparations, first a new training program and second a new diet. Afther her 3e place finish at the Dutch nationals she is one of the top contenders for next year.

Lanah Evers a RHINO-athlete again

This year Lanah returned to the RHINO-team afther her win at the Dutch national body-fitness championship 2008 and had a double victory at the Belgian Grand Prix 2008, she first won the Fitness class and later that evening she won the body-fitness class !!

A double victory for this RHINO-athlete in this competition

vrijdag 8 augustus 2008

Ursula Reijmers new trainingprogram

Last week Ursula started her new training-program for the competitions in ocktober/november. We started a new leg strenght program combined with cardio to get more separation in the quadriceps. Afther a few days she sad that the program is a killer, she can't walk normal again until 4 days has past. We have to be carefull not to get injured !!!.

zondag 3 augustus 2008


The website has been updated. For everybody who is interested in bodybuilding and fitness check this out.

The Sport&Fitness Magazine

In the Sport&Fitness magazine this month in the section Profiler Gisa ter Haar, Gisa the runner-up at the Dutch national championship this year is in the magazine for a training artikel (photo's) and the profiler.